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Reporting Harassment  

Participants who believe they have experienced or witnessed harassment in violation of MPSA Anti-Harassment and Professional Conduct Policy, have two options:

  1. Consult with the MPSA Meeting Ombuds 
    The MPSA Meeting Ombuds can offer confidential guidance about what constitutes discrimination or harassment, can explain the options for reporting harassment to the MPSA, and can provide information regarding whether other avenues for pursuing such a complaint are available based on the nature of the complaint. The ombuds cannot provide legal advice but can offer support and guidance even if no further action is taken. Additional information about the role and responsibilities of the MPSA Meeting Ombuds can be found at The MPSA Meeting Ombuds can be reached via email at
  2. Make a Report to the MPSA
    Reports related to potential violations of the MPSA Anti-Harassment and Professional Conduct Policy, may be submitted confidentially and anonymously through our new third-party online reporting platform NAVEX Global's EthicsPoint. Please visit or call (844) 715-9358 for additional information about the complaint process and to make a report.

As a general principle, the MPSA will make every effort to protect complainants from retaliation. If you would like to discuss your concerns regarding these or other policies during the conference, please contact conference staff.