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Preparing for the Conference

  • My proposal has been accepted. What date/time is my session? 
    You can find your schedule online by searching the preliminary conference schedule (available in January 2020). The online program is searchable by participant name, session format, section and date/time.
  • Does MPSA offer job placement at the conference?
    Since there are traditionally very few positions open in the spring, we forgo the traditional placement area at the MPSA conference. Instead, we have begun to post open positions to our website and in our monthly newsletter as they are submitted. Have an open position? Please email it to
  • How can I learn more about MPSA, the conference, and the conference hotel? MPSA staff will hold online orientation sessions prior to the conference with topics to include navigating the Palmer House, highlighted receptions and events, and where to find assistance on-site.
  • What’s the official conference hashtag?
    The official hashtag for the 2020 conference is #MPSA2020. Follow the hashtag for updates from the association (and your colleagues)!


  • When is the deadline for uploading my paper?
    The deadline for uploading your materials is March 26, 2020, but we are sure that your discussant would appreciate having more time to craft thoughtful comments. Please consider uploading your paper earlier, if possible.
  • How do I access all of the papers for my sessions?
    Visit our paper repository page for detailed instructions for accessing papers for your sessions. Please note that only papers which have been uploaded will appear online.
  • Why can’t I participate in more than three sessions at the conference?
    Individuals may participate in up to three roles: presenting papers on no more than two panels, JSS or poster sessions (only one of these may be single author) and in one chair/discussant role. If three or more of your paper proposals are accepted, you must choose which two you will agree to present. Individuals not presenting may still serve as a chair/discussant for up to two sessions. Roundtables and Author Meets Critics do not count toward participation limits.
  • Can I nominate my own research for an award? 
    Self-nominations are not permitted. MPSA strongly encourages individuals with section or panel responsibilities to nominate papers from their panels for consideration. Learn more about the awards program.

Poster Presentations and Standing Panels

MPSA has prepared a set of guidelines and tips for those presenting in poster sessions and on standing panels:

Registration and Receipts

  • How can I access a receipt for my conference registration? 
    Conference attendees can print registration receipts from the website. Just log in at, and click the "My Account" button at the top of the screen, then click the "Manage My Account" link. Scroll down to the "Recent Orders" section to see all recent transactions. Each transaction can be printed from this page by clicking on the "View" button. A .pdf of your receipt will open in a new window which will permit you to download or print the document.
  • How do I get a certificate of participation?
    Due to the volume of requests, MPSA staff are not able to provide certificates of participation during the conference. Please send your certificate of participation request via email to after the conference.
  • I have been invited to speak on a panel, and I am not a member of MPSA. Do I have to register for the conference? 
    Everyone who attends the conference must register. There are no exceptions. The Conference Fee Waiver Scholarship is available on a first-come, first-served basis for international scholars from developing countries and individuals who are not political scientists, if they have not attended the conference before.
  • Why is the conference registration fee higher if I do not stay in a conference hotel?
    When the MPSA negotiates a contract with a conference hotel, the association receives free meeting space in exchange for a guarantee that it will use a specific number of sleeping rooms. If attendees do not use the required number of sleeping rooms, the MPSA must pay the cost for these unused rooms, which could amount to hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition, the more sleeping rooms that conference attendees use, the more attractive the MPSA conference becomes to a hotel, and the MPSA can negotiate even lower room rates.  
  • If I have already registered for the conference but decide not to attend, can I get a refund?
    Like APSA and many other associations, the MPSA has a "no refund" policy.
  • Do I have to purchase a membership to register for the conference?
    No, you are not required to purchase a membership prior to registering for the conference. However, please note that MPSA members receive significant discounts.
  • If I purchase a membership, do I also have to register for the conference?
    MPSA membership is not the same as conference registration. To register for the conference at the member rate, please note that conference registration must be made as a second transaction after purchasing the membership.
  • Are hotel accommodations and meals included in the conference registration fee?
    No. Neither meals nor hotel accommodations are included with your conference registration fee. You are responsible for making your own hotel and childcare reservations. Please see information about making reservations at our official conference hotels here.
  • Do I have to present at the conference to attend?
    No. While most of the conference attendees are participating as presenters, all political science students and scholars are welcome to attend. The same registration rates and deadlines apply for all conference attendees.


  • Why are hotel rooms more expensive at the MPSA conference than they are at the APSA conference?
    Hotel room rates are determined by the law of supply and demand. The APSA conference is held over a holiday weekend (Labor Day). As a result, the APSA can negotiate lower room rates with hotels, because hotels have low occupancy and few, if any, business travelers at that time. The MPSA seeks national bids for its conferences and considers other locations throughout North America. The association returns to the Palmer House based upon the right mix of quality and price.
  • Does the MPSA check to see if a person has registered in a non-conference hotel?
    The MPSA counts on you to be honest when you select a registration rate and pay to attend the conference. We have restructured our registration system this year so we can confirm that people who register at the lower in-hotel rate are really staying in the Palmer House or an official conference overflow hotel. If a person registers for the conference at the lower in-hotel rate but is not a registered guest in an official conference hotel, he or she will be billed for the difference between the in-hotel and out-of-hotel rates. Be aware that if you are not officially registered as a guest in the hotel, you are not staying in that hotel. If you are sharing a room with another person, be sure that you register at the hotel check-in desk when you arrive at the hotel.
  • What happens if the Palmer House sells out of rooms?
    As the MPSA conference has grown over the past several years, rooms at the Palmer House have sold out. When this has happened, the MPSA has negotiated additional blocks of rooms at other hotels. We will continue to try to negotiate additional room blocks once the Palmer House sells out: however, ultimately it is your responsibility to make your reservations in a timely manner.

Additional Questions?

  • If your question about the conference isn't answered above, please email MPSA conference staff at

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