Virtual Conference Frequently Asked Questions

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Virtual Conference Frequently Asked Questions

MPSA is hosting its first-ever virtual conference alongside the live conference in Chicago, IL in order to accommodate scholars impacted by the coronavirus and the travel ban and ensure they can present their research. We're asking ALL conference presenters to upload their research paper to allow fellow scholars to view research papers and attend the conference virtually.

Who can participate in the Virtual Conference?

Anyone that has been accepted on to the program and has registered for the conference can participate and attend virtually. Individuals with an in-hotel/out-hotel registration type, attending in-person are encouraged to additionally participate in the Virtual Conference.

What if I have already declined to present, but would like to present virtually?

Please email to have your paper added back to the program and register as a virtual attendee before March 13, 2020.

How long should my presentation be?

Roughly 5 minutes.

Do I have to register to present virtually?

Yes. If you are only participating in the Virtual Conference, please select the “Virtual” registration type.

If you are planning to participate both onsite and virtually, you must register with an in-hotel/out-hotel registration type.

Will my presentation be streamed during my session?

Select presentations will be streamed during the in-person session. Presenters will be notified.

Which sessions will I have access to if I attend the conference virtually?

You will have access to all of the papers that are uploaded, you will be able to view virtual sessions, and you can present your paper virtually.

What if I have already registered to participate in person and wish to only participate virtually?

Please email us at and we will change your registration type. 

How will my paper be reflected in the program if only presented virtually?


How will I receive feedback?

Your discussant(s) will provide you feedback via email.

Other virtual attendees may provide you feedback via chat.

How do I record for the virtual conference?

PDF Directions


What is the deadline for uploading my presentation for the virtual conference?

April 6, 2020.

Will I receive a certificate of participation if I only participate virtually?

Yes, please email us at to request a Certificate of Participation.

Am I eligible for awards if I only present in the Virtual Conference?

Yes, you will be eligible for awards if you present virtually.

How do I access the Virtual Conference?

MPSA will provide access to the virtual conference via email the day before the conference begins to register attendees. We will also provide access through the MPSA conference mobile app.

What if I have technical issues?

Technical support will be provided during the conference through our vendor.

Can I share my session Recording?

To be determined

When will my session be played?

Your session will be available on-demand during the conference through the conference app and also in the exhibit hall.