Presenter Resources

Presenter Resources

Upload your Research Paper

Please follow the instructions below to upload your research to the program, find research from your colleagues, and locate email addresses for fellow presenters. Please note, you must be logged in to access the appropriate information.

Step 1. Login to the MPSA website 

  • Navigate to and select the gold Sign In button. 
  • After signing in, choose the gold Check Proposal Status button
  • Scroll through your demographic information and select Save and Proceed.

Step 2. Navigate to the Submitter Menu 

Navigate to the submitter menu and select Track or Edit a Proposal and Upload Paper

Repository Step 2

Step 3. Upload your paper to the program

Select Upload and upload your paper to the program. If you are one of several authors on a paper and one of your co-authors has already submitted the paper, you will see a download link below the upload link. If you continue to upload a paper when there is a download link, you will override the previously uploaded paper

You may see a Submissions Tab, a Participations Tab, or both the Submissions and Participations tabs depending on your role(s) and the session type(s).

Repository Step 3

Step 4. Select Browse and navigate to the *file you wish to upload 

Select Browse and navigate to the *file you wish to upload. Select Upload and continue. You will receive confirmation of your completed submission by email. All submitted files are converted to Adobe PDF.

*You may upload the following formats: Microsoft Word, Adobe PDF, Word Perfect, Plain Text, Rich Text Format. 

Repository Step 4

After you have successfully uploaded your research, you will see a message like the one below. 

If you navigate back to the submission menu, you will now have the option to Upload/Remove your research or download you research. All submitted files are converted to Adobe PDF.

Repository Step 5